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The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap against all mosquito species
  • Mosquito trap for outdoor use

  • Highly effective and scientifically proven

  • Reduction of mosquito nuisance and bites

  • Control of local mosquito populations

  • Eco-friendly


Biogents Patented Trapping Technology

The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 is an excellent tool that has been specifically developed to control all mosquito species in your garden or backyard.

The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 attracts mosquitoes and captures them using a single fan. Once in the catch bag, the mosquitoes simply dry out. When used continuously (it consumes only 5 Watts), the trap leads to fewer and fewer mosquitoes and to a reduction of the local mosquito population and biting nuisance.

The parameters that make a human being so attractive for mosquitoes are heat convection, CO2, human skin scent, and light-and-dark contrasts. Biogents mosquito traps imitate these parameters and catch the mosquitoes before they can reach your patio:


CO2 is an important attractant for mosquitoes

To increase the number of captured mosquito species and to maximize the capture rate (also for tiger mosquitoes), CO2 is released from an emitter nozzle, which is especially designed to optimize the dispersal. The release rate of CO2 corresponds to that of a small child.

In order to supply the trap with the CO2, a commercially available gas cylinder with 6 or more kilograms (we recommend a 10-kg gas cylinder) is required. It can be purchased or rented at beverage distributors or gas bottle depots for a deposit.


The placement of the mosquito trap is an important factor to ensure optimum catch rates. Therefore, it is best to test different locations!

The trap should be placed near mosquito resting sites and breeding areas: • in shady, wind-protected places with high humidity, e.g., in places with scattered shrubs • near rain barrels, rain gutters, natural tree holes, flower pots, standing flower vases, plant saucers, or similar containers • do not place the trap close to the terrace/patio and not in direct sunlight!

To reduce the mosquito population, it is best to start trapping early in the season. The trap should run continuously throughout the season.

The Efficacy of Biogents Traps is Scientifically Proven

Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of research into mosquito biology and are used by professionals and private customers worldwide. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate that Biogents mosquito traps catch significantly more mosquitoes than other traps

For example, in collaboration with the Department of Public Health in Cesena, Italy, where the Asian tiger mosquito is widespread, a long-term study was conducted with Biogents traps. Up to 85% fewer mosquito bites were measured in areas equipped with Biogents traps versus areas without Biogents traps.

Numerous further studies show the extraordinary capture rates of Biogents traps: