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HILLROM ICU ELECTRIC BEDS with light beige head and footboards, these beds are in excellent condition and come with a good quality integrated active medical Pressure Redistribution air mattress. .

Complications related to immobility and long term ventilation - such as pulmonary secretions which can lead to nosocomial pneumonia and neuromuscular dysfunction - are among the most commonly adverse events in critical care. Complexity and cost of care in affected oatients

The TotalCare® Therapy Bed helps care givers treat patient complications by supporting early mobility strategies in ICU patients. Technology specifically designed to drive evidence based protocol compliance guides caregivers and patients through scientifically acknowledged steps of verticalization and early mobility.

These excellent beds have the following options:

  • Electrical backrest
  • Electrical footrest (fowler)
  • Electrical trendelenburg / anti-trendelenburg
  • Electrical high-CPR
  • Manual CPR
  • Central brake system
  • 4 devided instalable side bars